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Australia's most Natural medicine service.
Access flexible online appointments from anywhere at any time, with discreet Australia-wide delivery.
Leading AHPRA-certified Australian Practitioners with access to the highest quality Natural medicine products.
Expert advice and access to the best ethically-sourced products ensures exceptional value for money.
Consult with one of our Practitioners when convenient for you.

The only all-in-one Natural medicine platform,
that let lets you consult with a leading Practitioner and buy direct.

1. Book an appointment

Create your Canwell account and book an online appointment at a time that suits you.

2. See a Practitioner

Attend your consultation via phone. Video consultations are also an option. We'll even send you reminders.

3. Buy direct

Order your prescription from within the Canwell platform for quick, discreet delivery.

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Why Canwell?

Australia's most convenient Natural medicine service, providing flexible access to Australian-based, AHPRA registered, licenced general practitioners, who are specifically trained in Natural-based medicines. We deliver high quality, ethically sourced, and fairly priced Natural medicine products from Australian pharmacy partners direct to your door.

  • Convenient
    Access flexible online appointments from anywhere and at any time.
  • Trusted
    Top Australian Practitioners specifically trained in Natural-based medication.
  • Affordable
    Expert advice and access to the best Natural medicine products.
  • Fast discreet delivery
    Quick and discreet delivery if you're prescribed Natural medicine.
  • 100% online
    Speak with your Practitioner from anywhere via a telehealth phone call.